Office Memorandum No. 2016-032

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Date Issued: 
Thursday, March 17, 2016
Issuance of Certificate of Marriage in Cases of Multiple Marriages

Reference No. 16ONS-LS-479
Office Memorandum No. 2016-032
To: All Concerned PSA Personnel
SUBJECT: Issuance of Certificate of Marriage in Cases of Multiple Marriages
DATE: March 17, 2016
Under current jurisprudence, "a marriage though void still needs a judicial declaration of such fact". Thus, the validity of marriage is presumed and that in case of multiple marriages, it is only the court that can declare which marriage is void. Otherwise stated, absent a judicial declaration of its nullity or unless and until the court declared that a marriage is void after due process, both .marriages are presumed valid. Consistent with the basic principles of law and procedural due process, the following rules shall apply in the issuance of certificate of marriage
A. In cases where the parties to the multiple marriages are the same – Regardless of the type of ceremony, whether civil or church rites, the marriage certificate for the marriage which was first celebrated shall be issued after verification.
B. In cases where the multiple marriages involve different parties –without any qualification as to which marriage is first celebrated; the requested marriage certificate shall be issued after verification.
Any memorandums issued inconsistent with this shall be deemed repealed.
For the information and guidance of all concerned.
National Statistician and Civil Registrar General